Worldview Explorations Program Makes its Asia Debut

Worldview Explorations Program Makes its Asia Debut

2014-06-19 16.05.57In June 2014, I had the privilege of leading a two-day Worldview Explorations train-the-trainers workshop at Zi-Zhu-Lin Purple Bamboo Monastery in Southern Taiwan.

Worldview Explorations is a research-based experiential program I helped create (in collaboration with the Institute of Noetic Sciences) for middle school, high-school, and college students. The program’s mission is to develop and increase access to curricula and tools that help youth and lifelong learners contemplate and understand the fundamental role that worldview plays in the perceptions and behaviors of themselves and others.

At the gathering an interpreter translated for me as I shared with an attentive and enthusiastic group of 120 educators from all over Asia. This included a group of young, novice nuns, experienced educators and curious volunteers. At times, this highly experiential program was challenging to deliver given the language difference and the need for translators to assist. After two days of rich and powerful exchanges the program was exhilarating for everyone, and a completely transformative experience for myself.

Today, the program is being translated into Chinese by the sisters at the Luminary Research Institute. It will soon be used in classrooms throughout Taiwan, as well as Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia. Be sure to peruse the gallery below to see the joy of Worldview Explorations in action!

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