The Age Buster

The Age Buster

Reclaim gratefulness

Rather than a silver tsunami that is going to overpower us, aging is really about the birthing of a new paradigm that bears so much potential and opportunities

Marilyn Schlitz, Professor at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University, social anthropologist, researcher, writer, and creator of The Grateful Ageing Programme

The magic number was 150, written in white bold letters on a black background. With its austerity, the plate on the wall marked the entrance to the imposing building where my grandmother lived in Milan. Behind the massive walnut doorway, the space was a game of sensory echoes and tactile experiences. Under my shoes, a carpet of squared toffee-colored embossed tiles interspersed a double line of rough grey stones. Lost of their shine, the tiles gained in charm. The brick-colored walls somehow correlated with the smell of the vegetable soup that, coming from the concierge’s kitchen, filled the high vault. The concierge was a middle-aged, plump woman, with a marked southern accent. Looking down from her elevated position, she opened a sliding glass and exchanged words and correspondence with my grandmother while I tried to peek into her flat behind her. Carrying the two handles of her black handbag on the left forearm and the keychain in her right hand, my grandma used to wave at the concierge and walk away at the same time.

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