Talking Death and Dying with End-of-Life University

Talking Death and Dying with End-of-Life University


I recently had the opportunity to participate in a wonderful online interview series as one of six other featured speakers in End-of-Life University 2013. This collection of interviews explored the multi-varied aspects of aging and the end-of-life.

The host of the series, Karen Wyatt, MD, kicked off the event discussing why we need an “End-of-Life University.” With her extensive experience in this field, including many years as a hospice medical director, Dr. Wyatt brings both her own wisdom and the wisdom of those she has cared for to her work. In her marvelous book, What Really Matters: 7 Lessons for Living from the Stories of the Dying, she shares some of this profound insight and how we can honor that wisdom in our daily lives.

Other speakers included: Ira Byock, a palliative physician and author, Lisa Powers, an elder law and estate planning advisor, Laura Schlafly, career coach, Cathy Severson, retirement coach, and Merilynne Rush, a representative of After Death Home Care and a “Green” Burial Consultant.

During my interview I gave an overview of my personal and scientific odyssey to understand death and how an informed discourse around it affects the way we live our lives. You can hear my conversation in its entirety below. Enjoy!