Here are some of Marilyn’s selections of resources that bridge consciousness, science, and society. They are organized according to those that were created under Marilyn’s direction and those that connect to Marilyn’s broader world of institutional affiliations.


There are many great resources that have been created by Marilyn Schlitz and her colleagues at the Institute of Noetic Sciences to deepen people’s engagement with a variety of topics. These include Distant Healing, The Science of Meditation, the Science behind Spontaneous Remission, and What the Bleep Study Guide.

Distant Healing Project

Explore the realm of distant healing by examining this resource center. It includes information about distant healing as reported by healers as well as considering the evidence base.

Living Deeply: The Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life

This is a resource center for the Living Deeply Program, which includes a book, DVD, Learning Programs, Community Group Programs, and other tools.

Meditation Bibliography

Here is an online resource for exploring the evidence base for the psychological and physiological basis of meditation.

Spontaneous Remission

Learn more about the field of spontaneous remission, examining this online resource to better understand the literature and evidence base.

What the Bleep do we Know Study Guide

Learn more about the science behind the Bleep movie in this thoughtful study guide.

What follows are links to organizations and programs that Marilyn works with and whose work she supports and with whom whom she has active collaborations:

Esalen Center for Theory and Research

Through public programs and invitational conferences, the Esalen Institute continues to offer innovative programs in transformation. Marilyn served as a Trustee for 15 years and led several track through the Center for Theory and Research. She has worked in partnership with Wayne Jonas, M.D. through the Center for Theory and Research on Humanistic Health Care as well as Conferences on Distant Healing, and the Science of Meditation.

Institute of Noetic Sciences Research and Education

Learn more about the research and educational programs of the Institute of Noetic Sciences

Tucson Center for Consciousness Studies

This program and the bi-annual conference offer a general overview of the emerging field of consciousness studies.