Graceful Passages


Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying (2 CD Gift Book Set)

Music composed by Gary Malkin; Produced by Gary Malkin and Michael Stillwater

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Considered iconic by those in the field, this globally acclaimed work has raised the bar for music-infused resources designed to support anyone facing loss, death or the end of life process. Through words and music, this beautifully designed 2 CD Gift-Book set offers a renewal of faith and the comfort of peaceful acceptance to anyone struggling with grief or loss of any kind. The heartfelt, spontaneously spoken messages were harvested from recorded interviews from some of the world’s internationally-recognized “wisdom-keepers” such as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Ram Dass, Thich Nhat Hanh, and others such as Rev. Alan Jones, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi. These poignant messages have been set to soul-stirring music, creating an atmosphere of relaxation, insight, and healing. Created by Emmy award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin and pioneering healing music artist Michael Stillwater, Graceful Passages addresses themes of letting go, closure, expressing love, forgiveness, appreciation of life, and continuity of spirit from different perspectives and faith traditions. Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish, Native American, Confucian, and Buddhist traditions are represented, creating a truly multi-faith resource.

The second CD, Unspeakable Grace – The Music of Graceful Passages, (included) is ideal for creating a gentle and sacred atmosphere anywhere, anytime. When in the grips of fear during a serious health or life challenge, this instrumental music is well-known for being able to support all involved to help transmute fear and denial into a genuine acceptance and peace. Composed and produced by Emmy award-winning composer Gary Malkin and recorded at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch Studios with a full orchestra, the evocative tracks of this album can take you to a place of remembrance that all is well, no matter what the circumstances, as we traverse the passages and transitions of our lives. The compelling musical score, lovely still-life photographs, and elegant design create a gentle invitation for the reader and listener to reflect upon what matters most in life.
74 minutes.

“Graceful Passages invites us to listen to the depths of our being, in sickness or health. This is a true liturgy of soul, a blessing for the caregivers, companions and family of those in transition. The beauty of music, word and spirit brings us to the world of Grace.”
Don Campbell Author: The Mozart Effect and Music: Physician for Times to Come

“Graceful Passages connects me with my soul and inner wisdom, and moves me to tears of gratitude. I’m moved beyond words by this work.”
Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Bestselling Author: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“A perfect blend of words and music that opens hearts and soothes souls. I highly recommend it!”

Kenny Loggins
Musician and author: The Unimaginable Life

“A powerful tool for the grieving; a mirror for the aching heart.”
Stephen and Ondrea Levine

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