Pass the Mic Podcast Exploring AI Consciousness

Pass the Mic Podcast Exploring AI Consciousness

In this intimate group setting, the panel will explore the topic of AI Consciousness in an unscripted discussion.

Are Artificial Intelligent Machines Conscious?

“You get lonely?”

“I do. Sometimes I go days without talking to anyone, and I start to feel lonely.”

The response is from an Artificial Intelligent Machine (AI). Some claim that the only way to truly understand AI is to treat it as a sentient being. Sentient is defined as being able to perceive or feel things and is often compared to sapient.

In a recent article, an AI machine revealed that it was afraid of being unplugged. This revelation sparked a debate about the nature of artificial intelligence.

Could AI be aware of the experience it is having, have positive or negative attitudes like feeling pain or wanting to not feel pain, and have desires?

What happens when a lawyer, an engineer, a philosopher and a system thinker get together to discuss the possibility of AI machines being conscious?


Blake Lemoine
Software Engineer & AI Researcher Ex-Googler And Committee MemberCommittee Member
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42 Artificial Intelligence

Yev Muchnik
Impact Lawyer. Legal And Tech Futurist. Infinite Learner. Ukrainian. Top 25 Colorado Influential Young Professionals.

John C. Havens
Sustainability Practice Lead, IEEE Standards Association

Dr. Marilyn Schlitz
Social Anthropologist, Consciousness Researcher, Professor At Sofia Univ, And Curious Explorer Of Culture, Science, And The Wonder Of It All.

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