Igniting Positive Transformation: Change Agents Connecting Across Continents (Part 3)

Igniting Positive Transformation: Change Agents Connecting Across Continents (Part 3)

2014-06-14 10.45.16In previous blogs in this series I began tracing my journey across the world, from one transformative community to another. From the East Coast to Asia, the transformation tour continued when I went to an event at the College of Hakka Studies in Jhongli City. This was sponsored by the Luminary Research Institute, Gaya Foundation, Luminary International Buddhist Society.

The topics weaved themes related to Transformation and Embracing Challenges, and my own talk on “Emerging Worldviews,” focused on the process of individual and social transformation. Other fascinating talks included:

  • “Cultivating a Precious Mind: A Case Study of ‘The Elementary School Mind Training Program’” by Zizhulin Dharma Center, by Ven. Zisheng
  • Breaking Through, Trans-disciplines and Innovation
    • “Conversion of Technoscience Towards Human Values” by Dr. Basarab Nicolescu
  • Empowering a Community with a Hopeful Project
    • “The 4 Elements of Hope Engineering for Community” by Professor Deng Wang Hsieh
  • Example of Compassionate Care and Fulfillment of Dream
    • “Sustainable Bliss: Cast the Spell on Global Warming Problems” by Mr. Pei-Jun Ho
  • Taiwan Has a Dream, The Luminary Cares: Let’s Co Create the Happiness for the World
    • “Theory and Implement of Grass-Rooted Agriculture” by Mr. Junghan Qiu

One of the attendees and speakers, Nipun Mehta, an entrepreneur and change agent, wrote an insightful blog about his experience at the event: http://www.servicespace.org/blog/view.php?id=15060

Here are a few photos and a video to give you a visual taste of the transformative atmosphere and the newfound friends that contributed to it.

2014-06-15 15.30.30 2014-06-15 10.50.31 2014-06-14 15.14.30
2014-06-14 09.15.06 HDR