Exploring the Akashic Experience: My Personal Journey (Part 7)

Exploring the Akashic Experience: My Personal Journey (Part 7)



Final Reflections

Through my work and my life experiences, I have seen that the transformative process involves a change in self that includes both our inner and our outer realities. It provides links between our direct experiences and our being in the world through action and service. Bridging the Akashic and the rational has allowed me to develop a deeper and richer sense of connection to myself, my family, my community, and my environment. In this process, I have developed an increasing awareness and appreciation for the sacred in every aspect of life.

As each of us lives into expanded human capacities, we can come back to who we are at our core level of being. Starhawk, a Wiccan teacher and writer, made this point during an interview in 2006. She noted that attending to the collective realms of interconnections, such as we find in the Akashic experience, is a way of reclaiming our natural consciousness. In her words:

A range of different types of consciousness is available to human beings. It’s a kind of anomaly that postmodern Western culture has narrowed the range of that what we are encouraged to have. Maybe it’s not so much a transformation we are speaking of, but an opening. It’s a reclaiming.

A natural consciousness is readily available to human beings as a birthright. It is not so much a supernatural awareness as it is an awareness of being present in this world and open to understanding the interrelations and interconnections. It’s about being aware and thinking in terms of patterns and relationships rather than separate isolated objects.

Finding the place within us for both Akashic insights and rational knowing is important when we seek transformation and greater self-discovery. They are also important for guiding us as we engage in the broader world. Experiences of interconnection remind us of the web that links us all, in ways both visible and invisible. Together we can build a new paradigm that embraces our wholeness, not just our parts. In this process we can co-create a worldview that serves the fullness of who we are—individually and collectively.