Conscious Business as a Transformative Practice (Part Two)

Conscious Business as a Transformative Practice (Part Two)

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Expanding Worldviews

For nearly two decades, I have engaged in research on worldview transformations. Working with a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, we have systematically explored the dynamics of transformation. These include the identification of catalysts for worldview shifts, the elements of transformational practices shared across diverse spiritual and psychological traditions, and the outcomes and consequences of conscious worldview transformations for individuals and social institutions, including science, education and healthcare.

Worldview transformation practices have been seen to increase self-reflection, personal and social awareness, cultural competence, innovation, resilience, collaborative inquiry, collective problem solving, and prosocial behaviors such as compassion and empathy (Schlitz et al., 2008; Schlitz et al., 2010; Vieten et al., 2006; Vieten et al., 2008; Vieten et al., 2009).

Results of this research have led to a non-linear developmental worldview transformation model. This model predicts that the root of change lies in each individual’s direct, subjective, noetic experiences. As physican and transformative educator, Rachel Remen, noted “A transformation in [worldview] affects a kind of double vision in people. They see more than one reality at the same time, which gives a depth to both their experience and to their response to the experience.”

With some personal awareness of a broader worldview, people can deepen their understanding of self, others, and their place in the broader universe.  In the process, they can experience core changes in their personal identify, social relationships, and work experiences.

Such changes can have a direct impact on business. Indeed, the process of bringing conscious awareness of worldview to  business can be seen as a transformative practice. The goal is to help catalyze positive transformations in today’s global economic environment and in the meaning and purpose that people experience through their work.  In future blogs, I will identify key tenets for building transformative business practices.