Assisting the Minds that Assist Change

Assisting the Minds that Assist Change

The world is changing before our eyes. As we dip our toes into the 21st century, you and I are watching a full tidal shift in world order. The old order that built civilizations, industrialized nations, and developed world economies, is faced with perplexing challenges – those economies collapsing, those industries capsizing, populations exploding, and increasingly severe problems with health care and the environment. Clearly we have moved on to a new experience of the world. As Francis Cholle, the intuitive intelligence expert, said, “In times of evolution, we can either resist change or we can assist change.”

In our business of “assisting change” – that is, in supporting individual and collective transformation – IONS created the Consciousness Transformation Model. Based on a 10-year research study, the model visually demonstrates the process of human transformation. In this research, we found that once a person enters into a transformational experience, usually through a radical shift such as a tragedy or a spiritual epiphany, she or he experiences a series of responses. Some may respond by denying the experience and others respond by opening up to further exploration.

The research also shows that practice – consistent positive behaviors, often guided by various wisdom or spiritual traditions – grounds these openings and allows people to develop them into life paths.

So, where are the creative solutions for the life paths of the 21st century going to come from? At IONS, we think they will come from individuals whose lives and professions put them at the heart of where change is most needed in the world:

  • in healthcare, where our research took pioneering thinkers in mind-body medicine from small meetings to today’s full practices in alternative health care and the healing arts,
  • in businesses and policy-making, where holistic systems change will demand transformation of social consciousness, and
  • in education at all levels, where our research has recorded findings for what happens when different points of view, worldviews, and belief systems converge.

We see great potential in giving these individuals the noetic inner tools and self-management tools that they can use in their roles as ambassadors of change. That is why we are now opening our educational programs to everyone. They not only validate the noetic experience of transformation, they offer information as you explore, sets of practices with which you can experiment, and community in which to safely practice. Please consider this program as an invitation into your practice, into an exploration of your own capacities.

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