A Message From Deepak Chopra

A Message From Deepak Chopra


I am Deepak Chopra and I am proud to be a part of this important program that is redefining death by helping people transform their fear into an inspiration for living. As this program shows so powerfully, coming to terms with our own beliefs about death can liberate us. The key to the conquest of death is discovering your true self, who you really are. When you do, you realize that death makes life possible.

This is a program and a movie that goes deep into the nature of an event that we’re all going to experience. We’re all going to die. Therefore I think this is a much watch movie for anyone who is going to die.

We shouldn’t look at death as the opposite of life, we should look at death as the opposite of birth. And birth and death are in fact part of the continuum of life. This program shows very powerfully how we can come to terms with our own beliefs about death and then go beyond those beliefs and transcend them, because they are limiting beliefs, so we can feel free, we can feel liberated.

The key to the conquest of death is to discover your true self. Your true self is not in form. Your true self is formless. Your true self is inconceivable. When we connect with our true self, which is in the field of infinite possibilities, infinite creativity, infinite synchronistic correlation, where the power of intention resides, then we are liberated from the fear of the unknown because the so-called unknown has become known to us.

So let’s bring together science and ancient wisdom and let’s change our image of what we call God. A definition of faith here: faith is the conviction of what you do not see but what makes seeing possible. Faith is the conviction of what you do not perceive but what makes perception possible. Now, with all this can we redefine death? I think we can.

Everything, in order to be alive, must die. That’s the meaning of the phrase we are using to define this movie: death makes life possible. So make the unknown known to you. Get intimate with it because it’s your own self. And then watch this movie with that understanding. Share this remarkable film and it’s accompanying book, and also I would suggest The Future of God, with as many people as possible. Get the word out that death truly makes life possible.

Talk with your friends and family about their views on death and what happens after death. You will be surprised by what you find out and how it deepens your relationships. Take the movie and book into your communities through community viewings, guided discussions. Help spread the word. There’s too much fear, too much anxiety, too much suffering around death, particularly in hospitals and nursing homes and even in hospices. Keep in touch about emerging programs to advance this movement through Facebook and through the deathmakeslifepossible.com web site. Please help sponsor programs about Death Makes Life Possible to the widest possible audiences, including your local community group, senior citizen communities, hospices, nursing schools, libraries and beyond, by making some financial contributions as well if you can. Participate in a timely, exciting and life affirming transformational process that embraces the fullness of our human potential and recognizes our shared consciousness now and for eternity.

So thank you for joining us for the screening of Death Makes Life Possible. Now sit back and enjoy the movie. You’ll be glad to watch this movie and be fulfilled when you share what you learned with other people. The movie, it’s accompanying book, and The Future of God do go together, so please engage. Thank you.