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After Decades of Psychic Research, Dr. Marilyn Schlitz Shares Take-away Lessons

A recent article published in the online magazine, Uplift, discusses Marilyn Schlitz’s parapsychology experiments. Dr. Marilyn Schlitz has conducted some of the most prominent parapsychology experiments in history. In the lab, she has explored psi phenomena like the ability of a person’s thoughts to physically affect another person’s body. She has taught at Trinity University, Stanford University, Harvard […]

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An Indigenous Perspective: Dreaming as a Transformative Practice

A recent article published in the online magazine, Inverse, details the the life and dreaming culture of the indigenous Achuar peoples of the Amazon. I was interviewed for this piece, drawing upon my experiences working with and conducting anthropological research with this thriving jungle community 20 years ago. Specifically, I had studied the dreaming culture of the Achuar who […]

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Cultivating Social Consciousness

What does it mean to be part of a greater whole? How does our worldview, or model of reality, impact what we understand about who we are and how we relate to others? And how can we become more aware of all the ways we are part of an interrelated, global community? It’s clear that […]

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Paper published in the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies

Recently the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies (IJTS) published a paper I co-wrote titled: “Engagement in a Community-Based Integral Practice Program Enhances Well-being.” The article reports on a study examining a wellness intervention and its effect on health outcomes. In publication for over 30 years, the IJTS is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the California Institute […]

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A Forum for Open Sciences

Are you interested in a forum that offers reliable and open minded approaches to consciousness? If so, you probably know that this can be hard to find. Until now… In 2014 a small group of diverse researchers launched the Campaign for Open Science, an initiative that aims to promote open scientific enquiry and encourage funding for […]

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Gaining Perspective on Death: New Article Published in APA Journal

The September issue of Spirituality in Clinical Practice published an article I authored titled, “Gaining perspective on death: Training program and language use outcomes assessment.” With co-authors, Jonathan Schooler, Alan Pierce, Angela Murphy, and Arnaud Delorme, this paper examined how structured, supportive discourse on death, dying and what may happen after can have positive, therapeutic outcomes, especially […]

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Exploring the Akashic Experience: My Personal Journey (Part 7)

  Final Reflections Through my work and my life experiences, I have seen that the transformative process involves a change in self that includes both our inner and our outer realities. It provides links between our direct experiences and our being in the world through action and service. Bridging the Akashic and the rational has […]

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Exploring the Akashic Experience: My Personal Journey (Part 6)

The Quest for a New Paradigm This leads me back to where I started: questing for a fundamental paradigm, cosmology, or story of the world that’s inclusive enough to embrace the Akashic, noetic dimensions while not losing sight of what is real and true in the objective and intersubjective realms of lived experience. We are […]

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Exploring the Akashic Experience: My Personal Journey (Part 5)

Exceptional and Transformative Experiences Over time, I have sought to understand the nature of psi and other Akashic experiences outside the laboratory. Obtaining a Ph.D. in anthropology, I felt that qualitative methods may reveal details that are left on the cutting room floor in our lab-based studies. I have been interested in how exceptional experiences […]

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Exploring the Akashic Experience: My Personal Journey (Part 4)

 The Effect of Distant Mental Intention on Living Systems A third study that I will mention involves my work on distant intention and healing. For more than a decade, I collaborated with William Braud at the Mind Science Foundation to develop a research protocol that allows us to study the correlation between one person’s intention […]

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Exploring the Akashic Experience: My Personal Journey (Part 3)

 Exploring Psi in the Lab Since this early phase of my career, more than three decades ago, I have had many compelling encounters with the Akashic experience. Unlike most people, however, many of my personal encounters have occurred in the context of well-controlled laboratory experiments. Let me consider three specific examples from my formal research. […]

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Exploring the Akashic Experience: My Personal Journey (Part 2)

Psychic Exploration When I was an undergraduate, I had several meaningful events that helped shape my life. The first was reading Thomas Kuhn’s book The Structure of Scientific Revolution. This book, and the idea that our paradigms of reality are socially constructed and not absolute, was nothing short of a conceptual liberation. It gave me hope […]

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Exploring the Akashic Experience: My Personal Journey (Part 1)

Where does one’s story start? I begin mine with what I don’t remember. At eighteen months old, as I am told by my family, I found a can of lighter fluid on the table. Being a curious child, I did what curious children do: I put it into my mouth. For months after, my small […]

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Why We Can Be Dogmatically Against Things We Know Nothing About

UPDATE: This article will appear in the soon-to-be-released latest edition of The Write Stuff: Thinking Through Essays by Pearson Canada. Looking forward to it! As philosopher John Locke observed: “New opinions are always suspected, and usually opposed, without any other reason but because they are not already common.” So, what limits our desire and capacity […]

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Results and Reflections from an Afterlife Diversity Telecourse

How can we understand our own and other’s worldviews about death? To answer this compelling question, I have conducted extensive interviews over the past decade with cultural experts and scientists, focusing on diverse worldviews concerning death and the afterlife. A content analysis was conducted on these interviews to identify thematic trends across individuals representing different […]

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