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How Not Thinking About Death Shapes Cultural & Religious Conflict (Part 1)

How can we use our own awareness around mortality to help overcome our aggressions and promote peace? Some social theorists assert that much of the violence and strife in our world is fundamentally the result of a shared cultural fear of death. As we look at the recent incidents in France, as well as other ethnic […]

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Living Deeply: A Himalayan Yoga Deep Relaxation Practice to Reduce Stress

According to a report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, almost two thirds of Americans with a ‘great deal’ of stress feel they have no control over it. Although we may be aware of how stressed we are on an every day basis, we may be less aware of simple practices that can help reduce stress and […]

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Igniting Positive Transformation: Change Agents Connecting Across Continents (Part 2)

                 Consciousness Transformation in Asia The call for transformation is echoing throughout Asia. Over the past few years I have visited Hong Kong and China. In June, 2014, this call brought me to Taiwan, where I met with scholars, scientists and spiritual teachers to participate in a series […]

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A Tribute to Sukie Miller: May Her Journey Continue

Sukie Miller, Ph.D. was a force of nature. She brought gusto to every moment of every day. Her insights about culture, the after death realms, and depth psychology were spell-binding. Her enthusiasm for life was contagious. Her friendship was deep and true. As she approached the end of her embodiment, she was open to the […]

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A Tribute to Angeles Arrien

For many years I have been studying the nature of worldview transformations. How do we change our minds? What actions do we need to take to make fundamental shifts in how we experience ourselves and the world? How can we shift our view of death in order to live life more fully? Over the past […]

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Exploring the Akashic Experience: My Personal Journey (Part 7)

  Final Reflections Through my work and my life experiences, I have seen that the transformative process involves a change in self that includes both our inner and our outer realities. It provides links between our direct experiences and our being in the world through action and service. Bridging the Akashic and the rational has […]

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Exploring the Akashic Experience: My Personal Journey (Part 6)

The Quest for a New Paradigm This leads me back to where I started: questing for a fundamental paradigm, cosmology, or story of the world that’s inclusive enough to embrace the Akashic, noetic dimensions while not losing sight of what is real and true in the objective and intersubjective realms of lived experience. We are […]

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Exploring the Akashic Experience: My Personal Journey (Part 5)

Exceptional and Transformative Experiences Over time, I have sought to understand the nature of psi and other Akashic experiences outside the laboratory. Obtaining a Ph.D. in anthropology, I felt that qualitative methods may reveal details that are left on the cutting room floor in our lab-based studies. I have been interested in how exceptional experiences […]

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Exploring the Akashic Experience: My Personal Journey (Part 4)

 The Effect of Distant Mental Intention on Living Systems A third study that I will mention involves my work on distant intention and healing. For more than a decade, I collaborated with William Braud at the Mind Science Foundation to develop a research protocol that allows us to study the correlation between one person’s intention […]

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Exploring the Akashic Experience: My Personal Journey (Part 3)

 Exploring Psi in the Lab Since this early phase of my career, more than three decades ago, I have had many compelling encounters with the Akashic experience. Unlike most people, however, many of my personal encounters have occurred in the context of well-controlled laboratory experiments. Let me consider three specific examples from my formal research. […]

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Exploring the Akashic Experience: My Personal Journey (Part 2)

Psychic Exploration When I was an undergraduate, I had several meaningful events that helped shape my life. The first was reading Thomas Kuhn’s book The Structure of Scientific Revolution. This book, and the idea that our paradigms of reality are socially constructed and not absolute, was nothing short of a conceptual liberation. It gave me hope […]

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Exploring the Akashic Experience: My Personal Journey (Part 1)

Where does one’s story start? I begin mine with what I don’t remember. At eighteen months old, as I am told by my family, I found a can of lighter fluid on the table. Being a curious child, I did what curious children do: I put it into my mouth. For months after, my small […]

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Seeding our Future, Minding our Past

Before the rain drenched winter was over, I got the spring itch. I made my way to the Petaluma Seed Bank, eager to begin my small backyard garden again. This wondrous Seed Bank, housed in an historical building from the days of the California gold rush, specializes in heirlooms, free from genetic engineering and artificial […]

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