Experimenter Effects and Replication in Psi Research

An important unresolved question in scientific research in general, and in psi research in particular, is the effect that the expectancy of the experimenter has on experiment outcomes. I am pleased to report that two distinguished colleagues and I have received funding to conduct a new experiment to test the hypothesis that the expectancy of […]

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Marilyn Schlitz on Ask Deepak

Marilyn Schlitz joins Deepak Chopra to explore the idea of nonlocality.  Marilyn discusses some recent experiments and research protocols for looking at psychic healing and seeing how the mind can be used to effect physical changes in ourselves and others. How is this possible? Why is this type of research relevant to more mainstream medical […]

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Final Passages: Research on Near Death and the Experience of Dying

I just returned from an exciting conference held at the biotech company, Promega. The meeting was entitled Final Passages: Research on Near Death & the Experience of Dying. This eleventh in a series of bioethics forums was held in Madison, WI, April 26–27, 2012, and focused on scientific research into social and ethical issues around dying […]

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Tribute to a Friend: Dr. Jeanne Achterberg

A few days ago, on March 7, 2012, Jeanne Achterberg, PhD passed on to the next phase of her spirit journey. Jeanne was a dear friend for decades. Her work with IONS was foundational; she and Dr. Carl Simonton received one of the first IONS grants for her pioneering clinical research on psychoneuroimmunology—then an emerging new field. […]

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Assisting the Minds that Assist Change

The world is changing before our eyes. As we dip our toes into the 21st century, you and I are watching a full tidal shift in world order. The old order that built civilizations, industrialized nations, and developed world economies, is faced with perplexing challenges – those economies collapsing, those industries capsizing, populations exploding, and increasingly […]

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Rejecting Uncommon Beliefs: How Worldview Shapes our Experience

As the legendary philosopher John Locke once said: “New opinions are always suspected, and usually opposed, without any other reason but because they are not already common.” What limits our desire and capacity to take in new ideas – even when we hold an intention to transform and grow? How can we shift a paradigm […]

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A Path Forward: Embracing Our Creative Imagination

It’s been quite a year — and it’s barely April. Extreme political unrest is underway throughout the Middle East. Earthquakes rock New Zealand, China, California and Japan. Shifting plates and tsunami waves in the Pacific Ocean have nuclear power plants perched on the edge of explosion. Like many, I track these global events through social […]

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Engaging the Global Consciousness Community

Each day the world seems to grow smaller and more complex. Wars rage. Intolerance breeds contempt across races, ethnicities, and nations. Refugees wander, far from their homes. In too many parts of the planet, children go hungry—ending their days filled with fear and hopelessness. There are plenty of reasons for pessimism. At the same time, […]

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7 Noetic Steps to Surviving a Volcanic Ash Cloud

I was preparing for my lecture on consciousness transformation to the League of Optimists in Brussels, Belgium when I got the news: All flights from Europe were cancelled. I was due to go on stage shortly and nothing about the implications of this information had sunk in. I just wanted to be here tonight and […]

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The Brain and Beyond

Scientists from across the world fill the meeting hall at the Bial Conference in Porto, Portugal. Movement toward scientific precision around mind and brain defines this exceptional gathering. Tables, graphs, data – all transport the participants toward deeper engagement with a sense of proof; every day we experience greater mastery over the mysteries of consciousness. […]

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